Providing Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes, LCIF and Lions are often among the first to lend a hand. We address immediate crucial needs and stay for as long as it takes to finish the work. LCIF gives some comfort to those who have lost everything. But we need your support to be ready for the next disaster and to give victims perhaps the most important gift we can: hope for the future.

Give Hope

Donated funds help to support both short- and long-term relief efforts. Make a donation today to support LCIF’s disaster relief programs.

Famine Relief LCIF provides food, water and supplies to victims of famine in East Africa.
Refugee Assistance LCIF supplies blankets, shoes, hygiene items and other supplies to refugees throughout Europe.
Natural Disasters Disasters affect every area of the world. Lions and LCIF are often among the first to offer aid.
Disaster Preparedness LCIF and Lions help communities prepare for disasters in advance.

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